Husqvarna BV 20G Honda Gas Vibrating Screed

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Husqvarna BV 20G Honda Gas Vibrating Screed is a walk-behind concrete power screed designed to provide a high-quality slab. The fuel-efficient Honda engine delivers reliable operation, and the non-corrosive aluminium alloy finish ensures easy maintenance. For perfect results, the vibrations can be adjusted with the engine speed. It can be used directly on thin slabs up to 150 mm without vibrating beforehand. Husqvarna BV 20G Honda Gas Vibrating Screed measures 6in Wide with little need for maintenance due to lightweight, non-corrosive aluminium profiles. The Husqvarna BV 20G lightweight design and articulated handle makes it easy to adjust and operate. Husqvarna BV 20G has a standard inter-connectable handle makes it possible to work from outside the slab with a long reach. The optional extra handle extends your reach even farther. The rigid bottom plate has a slightly V-shaped profile that moves excess concrete backwards and while refilling any footprints you might make. Maximum Screed Width: 6.56 ft. Horse Power: 1.0 HP 0.72 kW @ 7,000 rpm Height: 70.86 (Handle) Weight: 37 lbs.

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